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Written by Loyd Auerbach was in the LA Times on Sunday, March 14, 1999


The World Wide Web Gives Virtual Travelers a Taste of the Wonderfully Weird;


Of course, Roadside America isn't the only travel site with a decidedly skewed sensibility--witness the dozen or so Internet galleries devoted to airline barf bags. Many sites are the product of a single warped imagination, like Michael Nejman's To Die For! (, billed as an "irreverent, stream-of-consciousness celebration of cemeteries and the lighter side of death."

Nejman, a.k.a. "The Grin Reaper," has been visiting and photographing cemeteries around the world for nearly two decades. He shares his passion via a collection of graveyard photos, famous last words and epitaphs, film and music trivia, a suggested bibliography and a list of 10 top cemeteries. His favorite: the Cemetery of the Capuchin Fathers in Rome's Church of the Immaculate Conception, famous for the preserved remains of 4,000 friars in the church basement.

(LA Times, Sunday, March 14, 1999; Home Edition; Section: Travel; Page: L-17) was featured in the January 1999 issue of:

"Take a Tour of Notable Cemeteries"

"The subject may seem grim to some (including the infamous Reaper, no doubt) but we have heard from several travelers who plan trips around visits to notable cemeteries. Some focus on historic resting places; others visit cemeteries that house the bodies of famous (or infamous) people.

We've discovered an online site that brings some levity to the topic. Photographer and writer, Michael Nejman established The Grin Reaper's page at The site offers..." More was featured in the Chicago Tribune on Sunday, October 18, 1998:

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"Death Becomes Him

Cemeteries aren't that strange in and of themselves, every town has a few. However, people who are obsessed with cemeteries are a whole other bag of bones. Michael Nejman (aka the Grin Reaper) is just such a person, and To Die For, his site -- "celebrating cemeteries and the lighter side of death," confirms his attitude that "cemeteries are NOT just for mourning any more." Michael's hobby of photographic cemeteries all over the world has resulted in an impressive (if creepy) number of galleries, which he's supplemented with famous last words, a catalog of cinematic cemetery moments, Death Oddities in Animation (DOA), and a top ten list of cemeteries around the world -- fun for the whole family!"

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