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 Why is Diversity Education so Important?     

  Understanding diversity is the key to success in the future. The world is changing:

One out of every 11 U.S. residents is foreign born. The immigration patterns have changed, but not the flow. People of color, women and immigrants account for 85% of the net growth of the nationís workforce. Beyond these groups, still others need to be considered. For instance, persons with physical and mental disabilities comprise the single largest "minority" (approximately 53 million individuals).

FACT: If you are currently a college student, chances are: you could work in a foreign country; work for a foreign-owned company; or at the very least, work with people from other countries.  (Interesting statistics about current college students from the Chronicle of Higher Education)

FACT: If you plan to work in an urban center, you will be exposed to diverse populations. Your boss, fellow workers, or clients could be another race than you, speak English as a second language, be gay or lesbian, and/or disabled.

CONCLUSION: Exposure to a variety of cultures will be inevitable in the future.  You will be more effective in the workforce if you are comfortable with people different than yourself.

 As Dr. James Boyer of Kansas State University proclaimed: "If you are not exposed to diversity education, you will be undereducated for now, and the future."

Beyond practical realities, there are also altruistic considerations regarding diversity education.  Social injustice needs to be addressed with social action.  Remember, when you witness social injustice, you have a choice: to ignore it and later wonder why the world doesn't change; OR, to choose to do something about it and begin to change the world.